"Toward the end of the season [of Public Morals], the baddest gun on the show who goes by the name of Monk (larger than life Ray Wiederhold), tells a guy before he takes away the rest of his life and buries his memories, "As long as I have a thought and a soul."
    ~ Dan Buffa, Entertainment Writer, TV Review
       Blog at
       KSDK News, St. Louis, Missouri

"Just wonderful. Great material, great delivery. It's personal; it's straight out just you, man."
    ~ Stephen McKinley Henderson, Actor (Fences, Lincoln, Lady Bird)

"I am so pleased and proud of you!!!"   
    ~ JoAnna Beckson, Actress, Acting Coach 
      (alumni Ray Romano, Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chapelle, Bob Dibuono)

"You've got what it takes, brother: material, timing and command. We should make a video."
    ~ Eric Marciano, Filmmaker, American Montage

"Y'all didn't see that coming, did you?"
    ~ Jive Poetic, House MC, Nuyorican Poets Cafe

"You're f*****g great! Unbelievable. Wow!"
    ~ Gerard McNamee, General Mgr., Webster Hall Nightclub, NYC

"I very much enjoyed your set; great laughs; I was thoroughly impressed with your hip-hop poetry; it's uncommon to see some of your generation so proficient and comfortable with that type of communication."
    ~ Ryan MacNamara, Aspiring Actor

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